Pictures from the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year – 2021

The Museum of South Australia has announced the winners of the annual Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. Its goal is to draw attention to local wildlife and the challenges it faces. Here are the photos that we found the most interesting.

“An endangered species”. The number of common sand sharks (Carcharias taurus) off the coast of Australia is rapidly declining due to commercial and recreational fishing. The image received first place in the Endangered Species category.

Scott Portelli

“Balance”. Low tide in Bayno Bay, Northern Territory. This and other images by Tim Wrate won first place in the Portfolio category.

Tim Wrate

“One-Time Tramp”. The Planes minutus crab hides in a pack of masks that was carried off a cargo ship and washed ashore on the Australian island of Lord Howe. The image won second place in the Environmental Impact category.

Justin Gilligan

“Night of the Rag Picker”. A portrait of a seahorse-rag-picker (Phycodurus eques) won the Grand Prix of the competition. Rag pickers live only along the southern coast of Australia. Numerous outgrowths on the body and head make these amazing fish indistinguishable from a bunch of algae and allow them to avoid the attention of predators.

Scott Portelli

“Secrets of the Swamp”, second place in the “Botany” category. The picture was taken in a protected area on the border between the states of Victoria and South Australia.

Paula McManus

Ebb and flow. Bayno Bay, Northern Territory. This picture was taken from a height of about 760 meters.

Tim Wrate

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